Water Filtration and Testing Systems will keep your plants healthy and optimize growth

Water purification, filtration and testing systems can test for fluoride, chlorine and other harmful toxins that can be found in the water you are using to hydrate your plants. These toxins can inhibit the growth of your plants and the quality of plants you produce.

Growize Inc. has a variety of Water Filtration Systems that fit any farm

Whether you have a couple personal plants or a whole greenhouse worth of buds, water filtration systems are important in your plants growth. Growize Inc. has a wide range of filtration systems that will fit farms large and small.

We can assess your farming needs and find the perfect system out of our inventory. If you don’t find the system you need, we can order it for you right to the store.

Come down to our shop at 3200 S. Wadsworth Blvd today to find the right Water Filtration system for you.