From pots to nutrient boosters, Growize has all the growing accessories you need.

Having the right growing accessories for your personal farm can make farming easier and take your plants to the next level. Growize Inc. can help you find the right tools and accessories for your personal farm.

From pots, humidity monitors to pruning scissors, Growize, Inc. in Lakewood, CO has everything you need to complete your personal farm. From grounded timers to large multi gallon containers, Growize Inc. is your one stop shop for all of your growing needs.

You can find:

• Pruning scissors
• Scales
• Nutrient Boosters
• Bulbs
• Lamps and lighting systems
• Pots and containers
• And everything in between.

Come down to Growize, Inc. today.

Our staff is passionate and highly educated about personal farming. We are excited to help you through your journey of growing as a farmer. Come see us today!