Foster Healthy, Productive Plants With Effective Nutrients

Indoor gardening and hydroponic grow supplies in Lakewood, CO

Water and light are vital to your plants, but it's the nutrients you feed them that really make them thrive. GroWize has all of the nutrients you need for successful, productive indoor and outdoor growing. We also carry many different grow mediums, including soils, fibers and hydroponic grow mediums, as well as pesticides and fungicides.

Give your plants the extra boost they need to be healthy and productive. Find nutrients, soils and additives for indoor and outdoor, personal and wholesale use at GroWize.

Got questions about plant nutrients? Ask us!

At GroWize, we're here for the novice and experienced grower, which means offering expert advice whenever it is needed. Just getting your indoor hydroponic system started? We'll help you get it up and running. Frustrated by less-than-prosperous growing efforts? Tell us what you're doing and we'll recommend ways to improve it.

Learn how you can maximize your growing potential and pick up the products to do it at GroWize. Visit our grow store in Lakewood, CO today for indoor gardening supplies and nutrients.

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