Are you looking for a hydroponic system for your farm?

Hydroponic systems, especially for first time farmers, can be intimidating and confusing. Choosing the right system and assembling it for your plants can be a difficult process. Growize, Inc can help!

There are six types of hydroponic farming systems and the professionals at Growize Inc in Lakewood can help you find and assemble the perfect one for you.

The Six Types of Hydroponic Systems:

• Drip System
• Ebb Flow
• N.F.T.
• Water Culture
• Aeroponics
• Wick System

Whether you’re starting your personal farm and are in need of a new hydroponic system or you’re a seasoned farmer and want to take your plants to the next level, Growize Inc. is the place for you. With a wide range of inventory and a highly educated staff that are passionate about growing, we can find the right system for you.