Are you looking for a hydroponic system?

Growize has the hydroponic supplies you need

There is a wide variety of ways to set up and run a hydroponic system. When growing hydroponically, it is very important to maintain a clean environment and closely monitor your water quality, temperature and contents. It is also important to feed nutrients each time you change the reservoir, or the plants will quickly become deficient and yellow.Water temperature should always be between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Water PH should always be between 5.6 to 6.2.

A few commonly used hydroponic methods are:

  • Ebb and Flow (also called flood and drain) – Plants live in rockwool blocks or clay pebbles in a container and sit in a flood tray. Use a pump to fill the flood tray from the bottom letting gravity drain the water back into the reservoir. Usually, watering must be repeated multiple times per day with a timer.
  • Top Drip – Use drip lines, drip stakes, or emitters to feed the plant from the top (this method can be used with soil or coco coir also).
  • Deep Water Culture (DWC) – Plants live in water with no media. The water is oxygenated and circulated using a pump and/or air stone.
  • Aeroponic –Use misters to spray the plant’s roots while the plant is suspended in air.
  • Aquaponic – A hydroponic system that integrates a fish tank for the purpose of using the fish waste to fertilize the plants is considered aquaponic.

Due to the incredible variety of hydroponic systems on the market, most large complete systems are special order only.  

Complete system brands we stock:

  • WaterFarm 
  • Emily's Garden 
  • MegaGarden 

Complete system special order brands:

  • Current Culture 
  • Active Aqua Grow Flow 
  • Slucket 
  • C.A.P. Ebb & Gro 
  • Many More! 

Many people create their own system using flood trays, reservoirs, pumps, drippers, tubing, etc. Flood trays range in size from:

  • 2’x 2’ to 4’x 8’ and are usually 6”-7” deep.
  • There are also low tide flood trays available that are only 4” deep.

Reservoirs are usually square or rectangle, and made to fit under the flood tray. Reservoir sizes can vary from 10 gallon capacity to 115 gallon. Larger reservoirs can be ordered but do not generally fit under flood trays.

 Flood Tray/Reservoir brands:
  • Botanicare
  • Active Aqua
  • Fast Fit Tray Stands

Water and oxygen pump brands we stock:
  • Active Aqua
  • Eco Plus
  • Danner/Supreme
  • Mondi
  • Elemental

We carry industry standard tubing sizes from ¼” to 1” as well as John Guest tubing, along with tons of fittings, adapters, drippers, valves, bulkheads and other accessories to build your perfect system.
Other items you might need:

  • Food grade plastic buckets and inserts
  • Lead-free garden hoses
  • Cycle timers
  • Ph and PPM monitors
  • Water filtration systems
  • Hydroponic media