Ventilation & Odor Control

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Proper ventilation is vital to healthy plants. Most grow lights will add some heat. Fresh air provides necessary CO2 and cooling. Keeping proper air flow and temperature consistency can be one of the biggest challenges in indoor gardening. The always changing Colorado climate adds additional challenges when controlling the temperature of your indoor garden. There are a variety of specialized timers and temperature controllers available to manage shifting temperatures for any environment. If an indoor garden is sealed without any ventilation, it will most likely need air conditioning, added Co2, and a dehumidifier. We offer several solutions for your cooling and ventilation needs.

We stock a variety of inline fans, wall mount or stand fans, ducting, duct accessories, carbon filters (for odor control), intake filters, dehumidifiers, water chillers, air conditioners, CO2 generators and 20lb CO2 tanks with regulator. Due to the size and variations of these items, we have a basic stock of chillers, air conditioners and dehumidifiers; if you're looking for a specific size or brand that is not stocked regularly, we are happy to special order it for you.

Brands include:

  • Ideal Air
  • Active Air
  • Anden
  • Quest
  • Hurricane
  • Hyper Fan
  • Max Fan
  • Can USA
  • Phresh
  • Ona
  • Green Air
  • Titan
  • Grozone
  • Daikon
  • And More